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Parts washing plant


Parts washing plant

Parts washer

What is it? 

Parts washer which removes from production parts a variety of contaminated substances resulting from productive cycles, such as oils and metal shavings. Parts washers are frequently involved in industrial processes, especially for mechanical parts, but they can be applied to different materials such as glass, ceramic, rubber, or plastic. 

How does it work? 

The pieces to be washed go through different processes. Firstly loading, then washing by spraying and finally drying with hot air. Between the washing and the drying steps, another process takes place, which is the draining of the parts involved. In addition, there is a passivation phase that aims to protect the processed parts from oxidation not only during processing steps but also during storage and throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Why did Molinati choose a parts washer? 

Our company decided to add a parts washer to our range of machines because of the several opportunities for improvement that it offers. 

After a careful analysis, Molinati's team found out that the improvements would mainly concern:

- The working environment  

- Customer service  

The working environment

The parts washer has improved the working place regarding:

- The reduction of noise 

- The improvement in the quality of the air 

- The improvement in the safety conditions 

This happens because the entire process takes place inside the machine so that the noise is very low, the contaminants deposited on products do not disperse in the air breathed by the staff and the remaining materials resulting from working processes (metal shavings) are not lifted into the air and do not represent a safety risk.

Customer service

The parts washer enables us to guarantee product quality to customers. This kind of washing preserves our products - mostly precision gear racks - from corrosion and rusting. Since we do not produce only standard gear racks - but also gear racks according to customers’ drawings and special gear racks in different materials - quality and accuracy are key features. The washing is necessary to guarantee long-term product quality enabling storage and international shipping regardless of the delivery times and the type of transport. 

Moreover: care for the environment 

At first, the functioning of these machines depended on the use of some polluting solvents. Then thanks to constant innovation, these solvents are no more essential. For this reason, Molinati decided to draw its attention to environmental sustainability and to apply a new method which provides mostly the only use of purified water. This choice permits us not to use many polluting solvents inside and outside our company protecting us and the planet. 


Our team studies every day to keep up with innovation and to improve our business. The parts washer machine was an important achievement that has allowed us to enhance the quality of the working environment for our staff and to meet our customers' needs perfectly. 

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