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Environmental sustainability


Environmental sustainability

A glimpse into the future

In the past few years, the concept of sustainability has been one of the most discussed topics. But what does “sustainability” actually mean? How can a company deal with this topic? Our team at Molinati Orlando Srl - where we produce precision gear racks - has wondered about it and has taken great initiatives.

In this article we will introduce the topic of sustainability and analyse how we have decided to deal with it within our company.

What does “sustainability” mean?

The term “sustainability” relates to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability is the one which we will focus on throughout this article.

Environmental sustainability denotes the responsibility to respect the world’s resources and the importance of shifting to a circular economy. It concerns the choice of materials, the reusing, recycling and disposing of waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Environmental sustainability - a forward-looking choice

Every action concerns the environment as well as humanity. We should meet the demands of the present without damaging future generations. The Molinati group believes environmental respect is a far-sighted choice.

Since our company cares about this topic, we have invested resources with the aim of minimising our carbon footprint following the production of precision gear racks.

Molinati - First steps

In 2014 we made the first step. We installed photovoltaic panels that allow us to produce renewable energy every day.

Then we switched from traditional gas boilers to heat pumps. The heat pump produces thermal energy without using fossil fuels. It draws energy from renewable sources as wind, water, sun and subsoil. Since the heat pump does not employ fossil fuels, a reduction by about 70% in the emissions is possible.

Furthermore, during the winter period the manufacturing area of our company is mainly heated by reusing the thermal energy produced by machines during working processes.

The latest news

In the last period we focused on reducing and reconverting waste and we have gone another step forward: we have improved our machinery and we added a new machine. Its process consists in recovering the waste resulting from mechanical processes. The main advantages of this operation are:

  • reduction in the volume of waste materials for recycling,
  • decrease in the transport frequency,
  • opportunity of reusing resulting waste for other purposes.

Molinati believes these goals are not a finish line, but rather a starting point. Could you imagine what the next steps will be? Stay connected with us and visit our website to find out.

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