Precision milled helical toothing

DSF cremagliere passo modulare

Quality: 9e27 DIN 3962/63/67
Material: C45 UNI EN 10027-1; Rm≈650N/mm²
Toothing execution: toothing finished with tooling..
Toothing specifications:

  • Pressure angle α=20°;
  • Helix angle ß=19,528°
  • Helix direction= RIGHT

Fp total pitch error:
depending on rack length (see table)

The Molinati DSF Series precision gear racks with modular pitch Q9 are produced in variable length (500 to 1000 mm) and module (1.5 to 6 mm) and represent the international standard for finished milling machine helical toothed gear racks.
The production process, which takes place entirely within our company, is monitored from the very beginning in order to guarantee the customer the highest quality and efficiency.
The use of pinions on DSF series helical toothed racks ensures fast, precise and silent linear movements in industrial machinery of every sector.

DSF cremagliere passo modulare

All amounts are expressed in [mm]
DSF cremagliere passo modulare

pt: tangent pitch - Z: number of teeth - N: number of holes - d3: predrilled holes for pin

Please note: An assembly rack (available separately) is required upon installation to enable correct positioning of two consecutive gear racks. - The pinion can be provided upon request.

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